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JSY is an indented (offside) JavaScript dialect. We believe indentation is better at describing code blocks instead of painstakingly matching open/close sections { } () [].

Think modern JavaScript — ES6, ES2018 — indented similar to Python or CoffeeScript.

Inspired by Wisp, JSY primarily operates as a scanner-pass syntax transformation to change indented (offside) code into the corresponding open/close matching token code. Thus the internal scanning parser only has to be aware of /* comments */ and "string literals" rules to successfully transform code. Thus, as a JavaScript dialect, JSY automatically keeps pace with modern JavaScript editions!

JSY has over 5,000 JSY unit tests and continuous testing Build Status to insure consistency and stability. There are plugins for Rollup, Parcel 1.x, Parcel 2.x, as well as Babel 6 & 7, and more.

Try JSY out on Babel's REPL or in a CodeSandbox — just add the babel-plugin-jsy-lite to the configured Babel plugin list.

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